Sunday, June 19, 2011

destiny is 4 going on 16

Destiny is 4 years old even though she thinks she is 16. she loves calling people, telling everyone what to do, she can know ride her bike its awesome, loves holding hands, asks to go to the temple everyday, can now read some words on her own. we love her!!

Bethany is three:O

bethany is three and loving it she just learned to ride her trike and loves to do it warm or cold she wants to be outside she now loves to get her hair done in the morning. she got her hair cut by alek and stacy its way cute :) she loves elephants its her fav thing now. she is really good with her words now. she still loves to read and cant wait for school. we love her!!!!

Brady is two :)

my little baby boy is growing up fast he is already two years old. we are all so happy to have him he loves to hug and is way ticklish loves bath time, riding bikes, and car rides, golfing and all that fun stuff:) he told me he wants to be a fire fighter when his big (if he ever gets big) loves going to see the firetrucks on our walks thats prob why he loves the color red :)