Thursday, August 13, 2009

:) update

we just got a house :) i dont have to move anymore :) we just got a new car well new to us :) curtis just got a new job its great he loves it :)

Destiny: she is now 2 years old she can do anything she is a really smart girl you can not keep her out of anything she knows how to get around it all she loves to dance and talk to her dad she will call him or im him its so cute she can say i love you its the best to hear her say that she loves to take care of her brother and sister and play with them she is a big help she loves to help clean and change diapers (i dont know why changing diapers kinda sucks but whatever) and if she sees that you tired she will get a blanket and pillow for you and she doesnt let anyone cry she will do anything to make them smile she is such a great little girl:)

Bethany: she is 1 year old and isnt big on talking but loves to cuddle if you sit she will come running to sit in your lap its cute she loves to eat and she eats anything and everything she only needs 8 more teeth she loves to smile and fallow your shadow its way cute she will copy anything your shadow does its funny and cute she just started to learn to share so she does it alot now. she likes to tell me shes pretty its funny she is running every where doesnt really like cartoons but thats ok :)

Brady: he is 6 months old on friday he is just starting to crawl its amazing he is just moving along eating everything :) he is really strong and smart if you try to walk away he will grab your pants and will not let go for anything he is always always always smiling at everything it great he thinks its funny when he gets hurt i dont like it cause i dont know when he is really hurt but i love him:)